Import a CSV

How to add people into Daisychain with a spreadsheet.

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Importing people into Daisychain is easy

  • First, navigate to the "People" section of Daisychain.

  • Then, click the button with three dots and click "Import CSV":

  • You'll then be guided through the four step upload wizard:

    1. Upload. In this step, you'll either drag-and-drop your CSV file onto the upload area, or you can click it to select the file from a folder on your computer. Note that Daisychain only accepts CSV files (not Excel files), and that you'll want make sure the column headers in your template file exactly match the standard fields and the identifiers used for any custom fields.

      In Step 1, you can also:

      1. Name your file, which can be useful if you want to help remember the source of lists of people, or keep a record for others on your team.

      2. Check the box that lets you "Replace existing address and name information." This is useful if you need to update the names, addresses, and custom fields in bulk.

    2. Preview. This step is where you can look at how your fields are being mapped and identify any problems before proceeding to the actual Import step.

    3. Import. This step provides a basic report that lets you see how many people were new, how many were existing (and updated), and how many people had errors.

    4. Organize. This step allows you to add people that you've uploaded to a Stage in a Pathway. This as an optional step, which you can skip by clicking the "Skip" button.

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