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How to properly format your column headers for CSV Imports

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When you import a CSV into Daisychain, make sure your column headers match the list below. These match the headers found in the template file (available here and in Step One of the CSV Import Wizard).

Note that you do not need to include all of the fields below -- you're welcome to just include, for example, name and phone number.

  • first_name

  • last_name

  • email

  • phone_number

  • email_opt_in
    Values for this field must be "TRUE" to ensure a person can receive emails through Daisychain.

  • sms_opt_in
    Values for this field must be "TRUE" to ensure a person can receive text messages through Daisychain.

  • sms_opt_out
    If values for this field are "TRUE", the person will be marked as unsubscribed for text messages through Daisychain.

  • post_office_box

  • street_address

  • extended_address
    Often known as "line two" of an address.

  • locality
    Town or city

  • region
    State, province, or region. Values for this field should be two or three letters, following the ISO 3166 standard. In the United States, use the two letter abbreviation for the state.

  • postal_code
    Also known as a ZIP code or post code.

  • country
    Values for this field should be two letters. If you're unsure of the right two-letter country code, please reference the List of ISO 3166 country codes, and look for the Alpha-2 column.

  • tags
    Values for this field should be lowercase and without any spaces -- any spaces in tags should be replaced by dashes. Multiple tags can included in a single column, separated by commas. Tags need to first be created in Daisychain before they can be added with a CSV upload.

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