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How to create and use Custom Fields in Daisychain

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Custom fields enable you to record data about people beyond what is available in Daisychain's Standard Fields.

To create custom fields:

  • Go to Settings, and then click on Fields.

  • Click the Add button to create a new custom field.

  • Choose Field Name, which will be what displays throughout the Daisychain interface.

  • Choose your Field Type:

    • Single Line of Text: good for short text.

    • Multiple Lines of Text: good for more text, like longer survey responses.

    • Number: good for various kinds of numbers, and only accepts numerical values.

    • Select: good for when you have a set of values where you want Users to be able to select a single value from a dropdown field.

Notes on Custom Fields:

  • Options for "Select" fields cannot currently be edited after they have been created. If you need to add an option, you can Delete the existing field, and recreate it with the exact same name.

  • The "identifier" listed for your custom field is all lowercase with spaces replaced by underscores, and is what you'll need to use for your column headers if you want to import a CSV with custom fields.

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