Automations Overview

How to create and use automations in Daisychain

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Automations are a powerful feature that can help make workflows more efficient. Here's how to create an automation:

  • Navigate to Settings, and then click on Automations.

  • Click the Add button.

  • Choose a Trigger, which is the event that will begin an automation. A few notes on Triggers:

    • The triggers that are available on your account will depend on which external tools have been setup as Integrations in your Daisychain account.

    • You can select "Manually Triggered", which means you'll be able to manually trigger this automation on a per-person bases by clicking the small lightning icon in a Person's record.

    • Automations run on all actions by default, but after you choose a trigger you can add a filter to only run the automation when it matches certain specified conditions -- such as signups on specific pages, or donations over certain dollar amounts. Filtering your triggers requires using using the JMESPath language. Please reach out to support if you have questions about how to use this feature or need help writing JMESPath code to filter your triggers.

  • Once you've chosen a Trigger, select your first Step for your automation. Current Daisychain automation steps include:

    • Add a Tag, which lets you add a tag to a Person. (You can create multiple "Add a Tag" steps if you need to apply multiple tags).

    • Create a Card, which lets you easily add a new Card to a Pathway and set the Stage and Assignment.

    • Delay, which is useful for pausing an automation (for minutes, hours, days -- or until a specific day or time) before proceeding to the next step.

    • Send a Message, which makes it easy to send messages which you have the option to personalize.

    • Assign Person to User, which makes it easy to assign a Person to a User or randomly selected member of a given Team.

    • Invite to Event, which is only available for use if you've integrated Mobilize to your Daisychain account.

    • Mobilize Attendance, which is only available for use if you've integrated Mobilize into your Daisychain account and reached out to the Mobilize team to activate this feature (More info here)

  • You can add as many Steps as you'd like to an automation.

  • You can also Edit an automation after you've created it if you need to modify, add, or remove steps.

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