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Filter the People List

How to use filters to find people in your Daisychain account

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People filters are a powerful, flexible tool for quickly finding a subset of people in your Daisychain account. Here's how to use them:

  • Navigate to the People section of your Daisychain account.

  • Press the Filter button in the top right -- it looks like this:

    Choose the category of filter from the options that appear. Options include:

    • Assigned

    • Country

    • Custom Fields

    • Imported List

    • Location (Radius Search)

    • Region/State

    • Tags

  • A few other notes on filters:

    • You can apply multiple filters at once. If you do, they will be additive, meaning you will be filtering down to people who match ALL the filters you apply.

    • You can remove filters by pressing the X button.

    • When filtering people by Tags, you can choose to use multiple tags. When you do so, you can select "All of the Tags" (an "AND" condition) or "Any of the Tags" (an "OR" condition.)

    • After filtering your list, you you can create a Saved Filter by pressing the "Save Filter" link. Saved Filters can be easily used again in the future. To do so, just click the "Filter" button, then click "Saved Filters" and select the filter you'd like to use. Saved Filters can be used used for targeting Message Campaigns.

    • To select everyone in a filtered list (in order to take a bulk action) you can select the checkbox in the top-left corner of the list. When you do, you'll select everyone on that page -- which is generally limited to 30 records. If you'd like to select more people, click the link highlighted in the screenshot below:

Screenshot of Daisychain interface.
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