Managing Daisychain conversations from the Inbox

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The Inbox is designed to help organizers manage multiple conversations at once. Here's a few Inbox features to be aware of:

  • Unread Conversations Badges and Notifications: Unread conversations will be indicated by a red dot next to the conversation. Additionally, users will receive notifications via email if conversations remain unread after an hour.

  • Assignment Filters: you can filter the inbox to easily see All conversations ("Any Assignment"), Unassigned conversations, or conversations assigned to you or another User on your account. Here's what the Inbox Assignment Filter looks like:

    Assignment filter screenshot

  • Inbox/Unread/Archive Toggle: you can choose to view All conversations, or just "Unread" Conversations by using this toggle:

  • SMS Opt-Out: if someone requests to stop receiving messages from you, you must press the "Opt Out SMS" button to prevent them from receiving messages in the future.

  • Viewing and Editing Recipient Info: the panel on the right side of the Inbox will display information about the recipient, including standard and custom fields. You can easily edit custom fields and assignments from the inbox.

  • Viewing and Editing Pathway Stages: In addition, you can view a person's Pathway in the inbox (and change their stage), but only if the Person's most recent conversation was originally initiated from a pathway.

  • Opening the Person view: You can click open the Person view (and edit standard fields from there) by clicking this icon:

    New window icon

  • Snippets: at the bottom of the message composition box is the icon for Snippets, which looks like this:

    Snippets are short templated messages (AKA "canned responses") that you can save, which makes it more efficient for users doing text messaging. Snippets are shared across all Users in your account.

  • Emojis: when writing messages, you can use the emoji picker to bring a bit of fun and personality to your conversations. 🙃

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