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How to start conversations with multiple people at once.

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In Daisychain, it's simple to start conversations with multiple people in just a few clicks. There are three ways to do this:

1) From the Campaigns section

This is the most powerful way to send a message to multiple people, since it enables features not found elsewhere in Daisychain, including:

  • Scheduling

  • Analytics

  • Message validation and suggestions

  • Advanced targeting using Includes and Excludes

  • Optimized outreach for integrated tools (like ActBlue and Mobilize)

To get started building a new campaign, click the megaphone icon in the sidebar:

You'll be guided through a three-step wizard to send out your campaign. Note that campaign targeting in Step 1 relies on using Saved Filters, which you can setup in the People section.

2) From the People section.

  • Select the people who should receive your messages. You can use Filters to target your message to a subset of your list.

  • Once you've filtered your list, select everyone on it by clicking the checkbox on the top-left of the people list. You can also manually select or deselect individual people.

  • Press the "Start a Conversation" button to compose your message, and optionally insert variables like "First Name" to personalize your messages.

3) From a Pathway.

  • You can start a conversation with everyone in a given stage of a pathway by clicking the three dots a the top of the stage, and then selecting "Start a Conversation."

  • You can also toggle to the "List View" of a Pathway, and then start a conversation by manually selecting people and pressing the "Start a Conversation" button.

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