Adding People

Three ways to add people to Daisychain: Individually, through Automations, and with CSV Imports

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There are three ways to add People to Daisychain:

  1. Individually

    From the People section, you can click the "Add Person" button. A window will pop up letting you quickly enter in as much info as you want about a Person.

  2. Automations

    With Automations, you can easily add People into Daisychain every time they take a type of action that you define -- like making a donation, signing up on a form, or RSVP'ing to an event.

  3. CSV Imports
    Daisychain's CSV importer makes it easy to bulk-import a spreadsheet of people through a guided, multi-step wizard.

Regardless of which method you use, here are a few details about adding new People to Daisychain:

  • There are no required fields in Daisychain, so you can add people even if you don't have their email address or phone number.

  • When adding new People, Daisychain will attempt to prevent duplicate records from being created by matching and merging contacts based on email address and phone number.

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