URL Shortening

How to manage and configure short links in Daisychain

Updated over a week ago

In Daisychain, you can choose to automatically shorten URLs that you send in your messages.

Head to Settings > URL Shortening to turn this feature on or off, and to select which domain you'd like to use for your URL.

We provide this option for a few reasons:

  • URL shortening enables Daisychain to track who clicked/tapped on the link you sent out.

  • URL shortening enables you to keep your messages short, which can increase deliverability rates and reduce the number of segments in your messages.

  • Using a generic URL shortener (like bit.ly or TinyURL) makes it more likely that your messages gets flagged as spam and filtered out.

If you'd like to use a custom domain to as the base of your short URLs in Daisychain, please reach out and let us know!

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