Action Network Integration

How to integrate Daisychain and Action Network

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With the Action Network <> Daisychain integration, when someone takes action on Action Network forms, petitions, events, and donations, they are automatically brought into Daisychain.

In Daisychain, you can build advanced workflow automations, add them to Pathways, and have ongoing personal conversations. Note that this integration is only available to Action Network partners.


  1. Get your Action Network API Key. In your Action Network account, navigate to the "Details" menu, then select "API & Sync." Then, hit the "Generate API Key" button, and copy the resulting key to your clipboard -- it should be a long string of letters and numbers.

  2. Add your Action Network API key to Daisychain. In your Daisychain account, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Action Network (Add). Paste the API key you copied into the box, and hit "Save."

  3. Copy the Web Hook URL. After you hit save, you'll have access to a Web Hook URL. Copy that URL to your clipboard. You can always find this Web Hook URL at Settings > Integrations > Action Network (Manage).

  4. Add your Web Hook to Action Network. Head back to the "API & Sync" page in your Action Network account. From there, scroll down to the "Webhooks" section, and hit the "+ New Webhook" button. Paste in the webhook from your clipboard. Then, you'll want to select the "trigger" that imports people from Action Network into Daisychain:

After your initial setup, people and data will be ingested from the Action Network to Daisychain based on the trigger you selected it. You can also setup automations in Daisychain that are triggered when people sign up, donate, or RSVP in Action Network.

One note: if you unsubscribe someone from receiving SMS messages in Daisychain, that status should be updated in Action Network.

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