ActBlue Integration

How to setup and use the Daisychain / ActBlue integration.

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To setup the ActBlue integration, visit Settings > Integrations > ActBlue, and the three-step wizard will guide you through the initial configuration.

Importing Donors

When you integrate your Daisychain and ActBlue account, people will automatically be imported into Daisychain when one of three things happens:

  1. A new donation is made.

  2. A recurring donation is cancelled.

  3. A new refund is processed.

ActBlue Automation Triggers

You can trigger automations when ActBlue donors make a donation, cancel a recurring donation, or process a refund. This makes it easy to follow up with donors as needed.

ActBlue Message Campaigns

If your account is integrated with ActBlue, you can choose "ActBlue Donations" as a goal when sending out a texting campaign. This will pre-populate your outgoing message with an {{actblue_url}} variable. Sending a message campaign with this variable which will ensure that recipients receive a unique link that enables:

  • Click and donation tracking, providing real-time analytics on a per-recipient basis.

  • Pre-filling of ActBlue form, saving donors from manually entering basic contact data that you have about recipients in Daisychain: name, email, phone number, address, etc.

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