EveryAction Integration

How to set up and use the Daisychain / EveryAction integration

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When you integrate Daisychain with your EveryAction account, you can automatically import people into Daisychain when people submit EveryAction forms.

This works with the following form-types:

  • Signup forms

  • Event forms

  • Donation forms

You can also trigger automations when any of these things happen, which makes it easy to engage and organize EveryAction supporters, RSVPs, and donors as needed.

To setup the EveryAction integration, visit Settings > Integrations > EveryAction, and follow copy the provided code.

In EveryAction, you can paste that code into your form by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the form you'd like to use.

  2. Go to "Step 2 - Build Page" of the Form Builder and scroll to the very bottom.

  3. In the "Create Custom Footer" Section, hit the "Source" button in the editor, and paste in your form.

  4. Press "Publish Changes", and test your form to confirm submissions are flowing into Daisychain.

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