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Sending Out Picture Messages (MMS)
Sending Out Picture Messages (MMS)

How to send out MMS messages in Daisychain

Updated over a week ago

In Daisychain, it's easy to create MMS messages to send out images and short videos.

How do I send out an MMS message?

In the message composition window, click the image icon and select your file.

How big can my file be?

Your file should be 500kb or less. If you need to resize your image, you can try using an online tool like Image Resizer.

What dimensions should I use?

In order to keep the file size small and the image easily viewable on a mobile phone, we generally recommend:

  • Avoiding landscape image orientation

  • Making your image no more than 500px wide

Any other tips?

You bet.

  • Use High Color Contrast: Make sure the foreground and background colors are clearly different to prevent the image from appearing blurry or monochromatic.

  • Don't Use Transparent Backgrounds: These can appear as solid, randomly-colored backgrounds in the message thread, causing the image to look different than intended.

  • Don't Use Borders: On some iOS devices, borders may be displayed off-center.

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