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11/16/23 - 📢 Updates: scaled messaging, campaign cloning, and more!
11/16/23 - 📢 Updates: scaled messaging, campaign cloning, and more!
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Hi everyone,

With the 2023 US elections behind us, it’s time for an update on all the new features and improvements we’ve rolled out in Daisychain recently.

📢Messaging At Scale

We’ve spent months tuning the engine behind Daisychain’s message campaigns to be able to send out a high volume of messages (SMS, MMS, and Charms) efficiently. Elections across the US last week were the first big test of this work, and we’re happy to report that everything was smooth and stable. If you haven’t moved your organization’s high-volume text messaging to Daisychain yet, just hit reply and we can make a migration plan.

Charms Updates

Charms (the feature that lets you text out personalized GIFs) is now faster, more stable, and more usable than ever before. If you’d like to activate this feature for your organization (it’s great for voter outreach, fundraising, advocacy, and more), just hit reply and let us know!

📢📢 Campaign Cloning

You’ll notice a new “Clone” button in your Campaign list. You can Clone any existing campaign, make any necessary tweaks to content and targeting, and launch.

📥 A Better Multiplayer Inbox

If you have multiple people using the Inbox simultaneously, we ensure everyone's view updates in real-time as your team works through the inbox and new messages arrive.

📊 Message Details X3

Three big updates on how to get more details about your messages in Daisychain:

  1. Message Exports
    You can now export detailed results of your message campaigns in CSV format, giving you delivery status, content, and timestamp for every message sent in your campaign.

  2. Messaging Usage Overview
    Keep track of your outbound messages our new usage dashboard available at Settings > Account. Track how many messages you've sent throughout the day, and export your daily usage history.

  3. Campaign Delivery Report Updates After you send a campaign in Daisychain, you get taken to a real-time report tracking message delivery, clicks, and conversions. We’ve made some tweaks to this report to make it clearer and more useful by simplifying the delivery stats, showing the percentage of messages that are still rendering, and more.

☑️ Sticky Archive Button

Managing your inbox just got easier. The new sticky archive button stays pinned to the top of the window when looking at your Inbox, making it easy to archive a conversation without scrolling all the way to the top.

❓ Easier Help Access

Stuck on something? Just click the ? icon in the top-right of Daisychain. Our revamped help options provide quick access to our help center, FAQs, and our support team.

🔍💰 Filter by ActBlue Donations

If your Daisychain account uses the ActBlue integration, you can now filter your People list based on pages they’ve donated on and “ref codes” associated with their donations.

🔍📢 Filter by Broadcast Campaign Results

Refine your follow-ups with ease by filtering your People list down by “Broadcast”. Focus your efforts on those who received or engaged with your last broadcast campaign, making your next move more strategic and targeted. Filter by delivery status, clicks, or conversions (like Mobilize RSVPs or ActBlue donations) to build a targeted list.

🔗 Public API Access

You can now extend the power of Daisychain with the first version of our Public API. While Daisychain comes with native integrations with the core tools used by many campaigns and organizations (and a Zapier integration that connects up lots more), you can use our API to link up your in-house systems with Daisychain, and tailor them exactly to your campaign's needs.

⚙️ New Integration: Run

Run is a new website builder for Democratic campaigns and advocacy organizations. It’s now easy to connect your Run website to your Daisychain account, so that when people submit Run forms, their information is imported into Daisychain. More info in the Run Help Doc.

🛝 JMESPath Playground

If you need to filter an Automation (so that it only runs when certain criteria are met — like “donations over $500 on this specific ActBlue page” or “RSVPs to this specific Mobilize event”), we recently launched something to help. It’s called the “JMESPath Playground” in the Automation Builder, and it lets you build and test advanced queries (that use the JMESPath language) to make sure everything works as-expected. Note that this “playground” is probably best for more technical people in your organization, and we’re happy to provide tutorials to anyone that wants to use it.

OK, that’s it for now! If there’s something you’d like us to prioritize or if you’ve got feedback, hit reply and let us know.


Jon and Nathan for the Daisychain Team

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