Managing Replies

How to manage replies using the Inbox and the Reply Queue

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After you send out a Daisychain Campaign, you might have hundreds or thousands of supporters text back with questions and other kinds of replies. You have different options for managing replies. One option is to head to the Inbox, where all conversations are visible to Admins and Managers.

The Reply Queue helps streamline the process of letting multiple texters to manage these replies in an organized system and easily track progress. It's useful for managing large volumes of replies, or if you're working with volunteers who have the User role and shouldn't have access to the full Inbox.

To use the reply queue for a given Campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Manage Replies" link on the Campaign Report page.
    Optionally, copy the URL of the page you land on to share it with other texters.

  2. Click the "Start Replying" button.
    This will take you into a streamlined view of the Inbox where you can work your way through a batch of conversations.

  3. Complete conversations one-by-one.

    Sometimes you'll need to respond to answer a question. Other times you'll want to record data based on their reply. When a conversation is complete, click the "Mark as Complete" button and move onto the next one.

  4. When you have completed a batch of conversations, choose your next step.
    At this point, you can choose to "Get more conversations" (if any are available) or you can tag out by clicking the "Stop Replying" button.

A few more notes about the reply queue:

  • On the Manage Replies page, you can track the progress of different texters and release a texter's batch of claimed conversations so that other texters can claim them:

  • The default batch size for the reply queue is 25 conversations.

  • The Settings tab on the Manage Replies page enables you to toggle an option to auto-release batches of conversations after an hour of inactivity.

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